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TL;DR: Stop the text heavy information overload!
Grow an informed organisation and give them the tools to proactively share knowledge without creating more work.

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Listen to the sound of change

Audio is a highly engaging medium which conveys more meaning and context to your communications

Private Podcasting for employees

Publish private podcasts & other audio-based training materials in a secure platform where you are in control

Engaging Internal Communications

Newsletters and intranet articles often go unread due to lack of time. Keep everyone in the loop with company updates, news or general industry related insights using audio as a medium.

Enabling Culture Development

Make your vision & values more tangible with clear practical examples and turn them into virtues. Equip & empower people to contribute and build together a healthy company culture.

Encourage Knowledge Sharing

Make tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge while documenting insights worth sharing. Decentralise the learning process and bring the people who know best into the spotlight.

As easy as making slides!

A familiar user experience which turns any employee in a recording storyteller with a simple, yet powerful tool. Get rid of complex tools and instead focus on your content & narrative.

Before: Structure your narrative

Prepare your talking points as question cards and create a compelling story-driven narrative. Include tips & allocate time for each question to be in control during your recording.

During: Record your insights

Follow your talking points while recording like a pro! A minimalistic view helps you remain focused and aware of the time and tapping the cards will bring you to your next question.

After: Polish & Publish

While you were recording we were already procesing the audio, removed noise and segmented the recording into clips making it easier for your to edit or re-arrange clips and publish.
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The right price for you, whoever you are

Pay for what you need and what you use.



Everything a growing company needs.

  • Secure platform for publishing privately

  • Podcast Planning, Recorder & Editor

  • Searchable episode transcriptions

  • Up to 50 team-members



Growing a strong & alligned tribe.

  • All the features for Startups

  • Episode Analytics & Reporting

  • Integrations to your existing channels

  • Dedicated success manager

Han Solo package

Get full access to all of the editor features for exporting your recorded podcast if you want to publish it on your own for €49 per month.


Get monthly updates on how to build a great company culture.
And of course, you can also listen to them!

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